Golden Bay Hideaway

Ethical Comfort

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We're proving that environmental consciousness and personal comfort aren't mutually exclusive. While you relax in your customized environment, you'll also be supporting an environmental revolution.

Tiny Greenie's climate is adjustable via wall mounted control panels. These control the floor mounted heat panels.

Designed For All Seasons

We designed Tiny Greenie with the idea of having complete control of your comfort. You can simply "dial in" your preferred comfort level, making it the perfect haven at any time of the year, irrespective of the weather.

You'll find heat radiators in both the living and bathroom areas. So you'll be cozy and warmth during chilly winter nights. As one of the most insulated, low-energy, and low-maintenance homes in New Zealand, this eco-home maintains your ideal climate settings without compromising on energy efficiency or burdening the environment.