Golden Bay Hideaway

Off-grid Living

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Stay at the Tiny Greenie accommodation and know that you're supporting sustainable living practices that contribute to reducing carbon emissions. And while you're there you'll come to see all the benefits first hand.

A small space like Tiny Greenie has an inherent advantage - but even so it's built to extreme energy efficiency standards.

Energy-Efficient By Design

Tiny Greenie is designed based on European models of extreme energy efficiency through careful elimination of heat transfer. It uses high insulation standards, orientation towards the sun, and high-quality components like double-glazed windows to maintain a comfortable warmth with minimal energy input. Overlapping insulation layers offer superior thermal resistance and the design eliminates common heat leaks, reducing energy waste.

Tiny Greenie's interior can be heated with a highly efficient low-wattage electrical heating system the small space combined with the insulation results in minimal heating energy. Long-lasting dimming LED lighting is used throughout the accommodation.

Until you've experienced Tiny Greenie, it's hard to appreciate just how efficient it is.

Our solar shed holds all the vitals for off-grid living - panels, batteries, inverters etc.

Off-Grid Solar Energy System

The accommodation is powered by a off-grid solar energy system, meaning it generates its own electricity from a renewable and clean energy source: the sun.

This system offers numerous benefits including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy independence, lower long-term energy costs, sustainability, and low maintenance.

This aligns with our principles of self-sufficiency and responsible use of resources, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable living and environmental stewardship.