Golden Bay Hideaway

Protecting Nature

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Tiny Greenie is located adjacent to the world-renowned Abel Tasman National Park and we have a deep commitment to protecting our natural environment both locally and globally.

By choosing Tiny Greenie, you'll become a part of a broader vision of the preservation of our natural world. And while you're here you'll see some of nature at its finest.

Wainui Bay estuary is just out the window - a recovering ecosystem you can explore.

Ecological Design

The eco-home design underscores our dedication to sustainability, ensuring Golden Bay Hideaway guests can experience modern conveniences with the least environmental impact possible.

Native Biodiversity Haven

Our property is covered in the lush beauty of native New Zealand bush, creating a sanctuary for some of Aotearoa's unique wildlife, including species like the Weka, Kaka, and Kereru. It's a recovering and now thriving ecosystem. You can engage with nature right outside the door and all around you.

Golden Bay Hideaway's proximity (right next door) to Abel Tasman National Park amplifies the opportunity for unique wildlife encounters. We're maintaining a comprehensive trapping program within our property to reduce pest species and their impact on our natives.


Then and now - In the early 1920's the first farmers on the land were returned serviceman. The land was quickly cleared and grazed until the 1960s. Today the recovery is ongoing. Try moving the slider to see the changes over 75 years. View large version

Legal Preservation

Taking our commitment to environmental conservation even further, the property's indigenous bush is safeguarded by a legal covenant in perpetuity.

This ensures that the native flora and fauna are preserved, not just for the present, but for future generations too.